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This ceramic set is composed of a main plate, bread plate, and a cup.

The form from its top view is the likeness of water droplets that seem to t with each other like a puzzle; just like how a water droplet merges into another when they touch. The form is designed to make the set sit in a specific placing, the main plate in the middle, on the upper right of the main plate is the bread plate, and the cup on the upper right, counter-positioning the bread plate. This gives an intuition to the user on how it must be properly used.
Creating a contemporary design of a ceramic set that shows nature’s beauty.
This is a simple candle warmer that is inspired by Filipinos, that comes in multiple choice of pastel colors.

The candle warmer shows how Filipinos are full of perseverance. The stick figure exhibits an individual holding its own salakot up high with its left hand to keep the candle warm. Its slightly sloped back is a path to its leaned head, showing that Filipinos are focused on any tasks given to them. Its right arm is wrapped around the leg, resting its hand, which depicts it has been in that position for a while now; but will never stop warming the candle.
Candle warmers alone are great but can be better if we give signicance to its form and aesthetics. Designing a unique but simple candle warmer that gives off a sense of fondness can easily brighten up a person’s day.
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